Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sephora & Lush haul

Hello Sweethearts,

I recently went to Paris and I made a visit to Sephora & Lush. I can't wait to share what I bought!

I finally got my first Kat von D palette and I'm so happy with it! I already used it for a look on Instagram. I got the Shade + light eye palette for €45.

I also got two Sephora liquid eyeliner in the colours 'Morning Mocha' and 'Engagement ring' on sale for €6.47 each.

I also wanted to try the Benefit cosmetics Goof Proof Bow Pencil. I decided to get it in travel size so I'm not stuck to a full size brow pencil when I'm not satisfied. I got this brow pencil for €14.50.

The last item I got from Sephora is the Too Faced New York Christmas box. I got it on sale for €38.47 which is an amazing deal. Before the sale this box was €54.95. I came in with a goal to get a Too Faced palette and the Melted liquid long wear lipstick. I ended up with this box which not only included a palette but also a mini version of the Melted liquid long wear lipstick. The Melted liquid long wear lipstick is by itself €20. Which makes this deal even more amazing!

At Lush I got myself two bath bubble bars to use in the bath in the hotel I stayed at. And a small version of the Prince charming.

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