Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kawaii Unboxing: YumeTwins ~ Volume 10 March 2017

Hello Sweethearts,

Last night around dinner a special box arrived, the YumeTwins kawaii subscription box of March. After the NoMakeNoLife box I wanted to try other Japanese subscription boxes. I actually ordered two kawaii boxes from two different brands to compare them and see if there is a difference between these kind of boxes. (I also did this with different brand of beauty boxes in the past so I'm a bit curious).

This is my first view inside and I'm so excited because I see a chicken! And I LOVE chickens!

The first thing I got out of the box is the information guide with information about the items inside. It also has a origami tutorial, a contest and more information inside. The theme of this box is Totoro.

I'm a bit ashamed to say that I have seen Totoro before but I have no clue what's he or her story.... Non the less I'm still very excited about this box!

 So the first item I got out of the box is the 'Shinada Fukurairai Plush'. The description says that these Fukurairai series bring good luck. They're said to be ensuring your good fortune by meditating with their eyes closed.
Which I actually believe because they have 6 different animals and I ended up getting the chick!

The second item is the 'Totoro 3D Jigsaw puzzle'. The description says: 'Enjoy creating your own mini Totoro figure with this cute 3D jigsaw puzzle. Combine the pieces to create 3 individual mini totoros or stack the 3 together. Whether it's for the love of nifty puzzles or for the love of Totoro, we're sure the combinations of two will bring smiles to everyone's faces.'

The third item is the 'Totoro washi origami paper'
This explains the origami tutorial. The description says that washi paper is a special kind of paper stronger than regular paper and it also has a special texture. They're also good to use as wrapping paper or for scrapbooking.

The fourth item is the 'Totoro hand towel'. They come in 5 different designs but I think I got the cutest of them all.

The fifth and last item is the 'My neighbour Totoro Origami kit'. The description says: 'Challenge your art skills with this wonderful Totoro origami kit. The kit comes complete with enough paper for 3 different sized Totoro, Catbus and the Kusakabe house. Conveniently enough, the box can be used as a display stand for your new Totoro origami collection! The kit comes ready with instructions in Japanese. Not only is this kit fun to make, once displayed, it'll sure to be an eye-catcher.'

These are all the items in this kawaii box. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to order another one because I'm not really from the kawaii scene. I do think this is worth getting (at least once) because it opens a totally different world for me. I also think that everything inside this box is waaaaay to cute not to get!

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