Monday, March 13, 2017

Lush and MAC haul

Hello Sweethearts,

on Saturday I went to the Lush and MAC store to buy some new goodies.

I first went to Lush and got one of my regulars the Cynthia Sylvia stout beer shampoo. I always get myself the big bottle, I have gone through two big bottles and three regular bottles.

I also love to check out the latest and limited edition shower gels. I always buy the small bottles  because I like to switch it up.

I got 'Wash behind your ears' & 'Plum Rain'.

Lush about 'Wash behind your ears':
'You’ll want every inch of your body to smell as addictively fresh and familiar as this jasmine and rose gel - even your ears!
So lavish your skin in a bouquet of floral fragrance and be uplifted by notes of neroli, while conditioning organic sunflower oil leaves skin feeling soft and sunny.

Lush about 'Plum Rain':
'Downpours of umeboshi infusion and fresh plum juice are expected with spells of Sicilian mandarin oil to brighten the skin and refresh the mind. Carrageenan seaweed extract softens skin so you step out from rich, succulent cleanses with a sunny disposition.'

Besides the shower gels and shampoo I also decided to try out there tooth powder in 'Atomic'.

Lush about 'Atomic':
'Switch up your morning coffee and brush with this spicy coffee and cardamom blend instead. Gentle but powerful, the freshly ground cinnamon and clove powders inside will refresh your mouth and gums whilst gently cleansing and soothing.'

When I first read this description I thought it tasted like coffee but when I tried it I realized it doesn't. Now reading the description again makes me feel stupid but it's still better than a mint mouth between coffees.

I also went to MAC and bought two things. The first thing was a new eyeshadow but they accidentally got me the wrong shade, a shade that I already have. So I'm going back this weekend to switch for the right shade.
The second thing is the Prep+prime Essential oils in Grapefruit and Chamomile.

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