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Makeup Revolution's 3rd birthday party ~ March 23 2017

Hello Sweethearts,

todays article is all about the 3rd birthday party of Makeup Revolution which I attended this Thursday. Yes I flew back to London to party at this amazing event.

I also attended last year and I attended the I AM FREEDOM  event in October.

This year the event took place at One Embankment, which is literally across from the London eye, the Big Ben and of course the Houses of Parliament. There was a lot of security in London because of what happened the day before.

The location was gorgeous and super big. They first checked if my name was on the list, I walked in and gave my coat to the people at the cloakroom. They also handed me a voucher for a goodiebag.

Inside there were gorgeous displays with makeup in them.

Absolutely gorgeous if you ask me. I wish I could have them all in my collection.
After taking the photos of these gorgeous products I headed to the bar and got a drink. I talked to some fellow bloggers and than I got reunited with Florence and Bobbie. Of course we had to take one of those cute GIF photo's from Makeup Revolution.

Just as previous events they served a lot of delicious bites and amazing cocktails. We were very curious what the announcement would be at this event. After some dancing and talking and drinking the event really started because it was the big moment, the announcement.

They announced their new product lines for TAM beauty. They told us their future plans for the brands; which is more affordable makeup inspired by the Revoholics (us consumers). And they introduced us to the new faces of Makeup Revolution; Sophie, Tammi & Carmi. Later I discovered that I already follow Sophie on Instagram but I didn't recognize her in that moment.
We, Florence Bobbie and I, also took a photo with Carmi later on at the party but Makeup Revolution hasn't realized their event photo's yet. I might post it on Instagram when they do.

After the announcement the party continued with a performance from a group of really talented dancers.  One of the most amazing things was that the dancefloor was mostly filled by fellow bloggers. I think it's amazing that a brand invests so much into the people who use their makeup the most.

We danced the night away. I always have so much fun with Florence and Bobbie when I meet up with them. It's so amazing how we met through a makeup brand we both use.

I left around 11 because I had to catch the tube back to the hotel. Before I left I picked up the goodiebag. But when I arrived in the hotel I was way to tired to have a look and see what they gave me. So I ended looking at the products the next morning.

I quickly took this photo because I had to leave and fly back to my country. I hate how bad the quality is but I also uploaded a full article with better pictures, to read that article click here.

Overall I had an amazing time in London with Florence, Bobbie & TAM beauty and I can't wait till the next event!

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