Saturday, March 18, 2017

Unboxing: Kawaii box of February 2017

Hello Sweethearts,

this week I'm going to unbox the Kawaii box of February 2017. I'm going to try to not compare this box to the Kawaii YumeTwins box, I received a week ago, which set the tone for me when it comes to kawaii boxes. However I'm planning on doing a separate article in which I DO compare the boxes with each other.

The first thing I noticed when I received the box was the dents in the packaging. I'm not sure what happened during shipment but it didn't look good.  The second thing I noticed when I opened the box was the lots of goodies.

Apparently this box doesn't come with a description of the products, only with a list of items.

The first thing I saw were these super cute socks by Saniro, the brand from Hello Kitty. The character on my socks is My Melody, one of Hello Kitty's friends. I know this because I was a huge Hello Kitty fan when I was 17.

The second item is a San-X Jinbei-San Whale plush. This is a plush keychain of some sorts.

The third item is the Tohato Caramel corn, I'm kind of curious to try this candy.

The fourth item is the Secret princess DIY Korean jewellery set.

The fifth item is a heart-shaped donut keychain, which I think is really cute. I'm kind of amazed how much this looks and feels like a real donut.

The sixth and seventh item are the Neko paw sticky bookmarks and a Lazy polar bear pen.

The eighth items are these Sweet Sweet nail art stickers.

The ninth item are these Fujiya Milky Peko X Sanrio Chocolates. They're half milk chocolate and half strawberry flavoured.

The tenth item is this Harajuku kawaii pin with the word cute on it.

The last item are these Kawaii smile sticker sheet.

Sorry for the lack of information but this box didn't come with a description of the items.

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