Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: Essence Prismatic Rainbow & Blossom Dream

Dear readers,

in todays article I'm going to review the Prismatic Rainbow in 'Be a unicorn' and Blossom Dream in 'Prism of light'. These highlighters are both from Essence. They both caught my attention because they're multi-coloured highlighters.

Essence about the Prismatic Rainbow:
'Wherever you go, be a unicorn over the rainbow. This highlighter loaded with reflecting pigments provides an iridescent, prismatic glow finish on your cheekbones.'

As I said before, in another article, rainbow highlighters are very hot right now. So when I saw that Essence was going to add one to their permanent collection I knew I needed to get it. This highlighter was not easy to get because its practically always sold out. I was just lucky to walk in the store at the right moment.

I first expected this highlighter to be very pigmented, in away that when you apply it the whole rainbow ends up on your cheeks. It surprisingly doesn't do that, well maybe if you apply the colours separately. I tried it with one brush stroke. The colours do show up on the brush in a rainbow but as soon as you apply it it becomes one. For those wondering yes it's a very nice highlighter with lots of shimmers. The small mini shimmers are multi-coloured which makes this highlighter extra nice, if you ask me.

Essence about the Blossom dreams:
'Highlighter powder in rainbow colours. Gives your cheeks an enchanting, but delicate glow. With a wide brush you can apply all colours together, with a smaller brush you can use the different highlighters alone.'

With this highlighter I didn't even know that Essence had it until I walked randomly in the store and saw it. I, of course, needed to have this because it looks like a pastel rainbow. I can look at it for hours its so colourful and soft.

When I came home and I first swatched this highlighter I was amazed that all the colours pop-up as a rainbow, even on the skin. I think this highlighter is a must have for every beauty lover because it's different from all the other rainbow highlighters since it's pastel. And the glow that comes of this highlighter is so so nice.

I'm wondering
what's your favourite highlighter of this moment?

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