Tuesday, April 11, 2017

TAM beauty haul

Dear readers,

today my order from TAM beauty arrived and I was so excited! As soon as the Makeup Revolution Renaissance palettes went online I ordered them. Ever since I saw these palettes at the Makeup Revolution event I knew I needed to have them. And of course I couldn't leave the TAM beauty website without ordering some more beauty products.

Luckily, I had saved the discount code for 20% off from the event for this order.

This is the Makeup Revolution Renaissance palette in 'Day'. As you can tell it has gorgeous matt natural colours. I'm just living for the packaging of this gorgeous palette!

TAM beauty about this palette:
' Bringing the Renaissance to makeup, this pretty palette comes with a pouch to keep it clean on the move and with a purse like clasp, you can use this wherever you go. Includes 5 nude eyeshadows perfect for a gorgeous daytime look and a mini brush to apply on the go. '

This palette is €11.21.

This is  the Makeup Revolution Renaissance palette in 'Night'. As you can tell these colours are darker than from the Day palette. They're also more shimmery and playful.

This palette is also €11.21.

I also decided to get the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix brow kit in 'medium dark'. It's a second time buying this kit because I hit pan on my first kit. I'm using this kit everyday to do my brows, that's how much I love it.

This brow kit is €3.49.

This is another product I decided to repurchase the Makeup Revolution Professional antibacterial brush cleaner.

I use this product to clean my brushes every time I used them.

This product is €7.01.

The last product from the Makeup Revolution range is the Brow Pomade in 'Ash brown'.

TAM beauty about this product:
'Completely smudge proof, the Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade is perfect for long lasting flawless brows. Complete with an eyebrow brush for applying the cream formula with ease the pomade will leave your brows defined with a waterproof and budgeproof finish. '

This Brow Pomade is €8.40.

I decided to try a product from the Katie Price range and I settled for this Baked highlighter in 'Warm'. I think this highlighter is so cute with the white packaging and the hard in the highlighter.

TAM beauty about this highlighter:
'Look healthy and radiant with this highlighter shade. This highlighter will sculpt the contours of your face whilst providing an outstanding glow. Buildable coverage allows you to create the desired effect on any skin tone with the lightweight formula allowing you to blend easily. '

This highlighter is €8.40.

And last but not least I have been eyeing this Freedom Professional Pro Studio Strobe cream ever since it was released. I'm obsessed with the Makeup Revolution Ultra strobe cream and I just new that I also needed to add this one to my collection.

This cream is €11.21.

And that's all I got from TAM beauty. It's not a HUGE haul but I'm soooo happy with everything I got. I might review some of these products in the near future.

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