Sunday, April 9, 2017

To haul: Rainbow highlighter, Portable lighted mirror & Peel-off eyebrow gel

Dear readers,

for todays article I decided to collaborate with To save. They sent me three lovely items to review; a Rainbow highlighter, a Portable lighted mirror & a Peel-off eyebrow gel.

Everyone has been raving about these gorgeous Rainbow highlighter, including me. So when they sent me this gorgeous highlighter I was over the top. It's super pigmented with a lot of shimmer. Sadly, I couldn't capture it's true beauty on camera when I swatched this highlighter.

At first I was worried that the Rainbow highlighter wouldn't look the same in person as it does online or that it would break during shipment. But the highlighter looks exactly as in the pictures online and they ship the highlighter with enough protection.

One downside is that it doesn't come with an ingredient list. Which for me is very important since I'm allergic to certain makeup. So far I haven't had an allergic reaction when I used it on my body, which is a positive sign.

The second item is this cute-ass portable mirror with heart lights. I really wanted one of these mirrors because when I travel I always get annoyed since not every hotel has the perfect mirror and lighting for applying makeup. And now that problem is solved since I could easily fold this mirror and take it with me on my trips.

The last item is the Peel-off eyebrow gel. I really wanted to try this product because I have seen it a lot online lately. It's a way of colouring your eyebrows in that looks more natural. First you apply the gel and let it sit, than peel it of and it leaves a lightly coloured brow behind.

So far I haven't had the time to try this product out, I will keep you girls up to date on this product.

Besides these products I found the company To save easy to use. They have a good and quick shipment and they deliver it all in once. Overall I'm satisfied and I might order from them again.

* Disclaimer: I got these products for free from However all my opinions are my own, they didn't tell me what to write or say. I don't get paid for this article and I don't get paid if you use the links in my article.

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