Saturday, April 15, 2017

Unboxing: Styletone April 2017

Dear readers,

today I'm going to unbox the Styletone box of April. I have had this subscription for a few years now and I decided to cancel to try something new. But when I saw the gorgeous pink products inside I couldn't resist to take photos. So I was like why not share it on my little blog.

The first product is the Note ' BB Lip Corrector'.

' This month we introduce to you a new product: the BB lip corrector. Maybe this name sounds a little bit scary and clinical, but this lovely product isn't clinical at all and 'corrects' your lips in a natural way. As the name says; this BB lip corrector lightly colours and makes your lips look fuller. The palmitoyl oligopeptide stimulates collagen synthesis, which results in fuller lips. And don't we all want that? The shea butter and vitamin E moisturize your lips, so they are well cared for ├índ fuller, the perfect combination for your lips in our opinion. And to finish it up, this lip corrector also gives your lips a little bit of a pink colour, because of the light colouring pigments. So forget the cosmetic sugery and embrace this BB lip corrector.'

The store price is €18.

The second product is the 29 cosmetics 'Press finishing powder'.

' We are so excited with another product from 29 cosmetics! This brand was inspired by the extraordinary beauty of California's Napa Valley and takes its name from the picturesque road that runs the length of this world-famous grape growing region - highway 29. But enough about that, let's go on to what really matters here. After receiving so many questions for a foundation or coloured finishing powder, we were able to feature them in this box! The finishing powder comes in 4 colours. With a special formula enriched with rose oil and packed with anti-aging artillery, this long-lasting finished powder smoothes, moisturizes and protects your skin. Use this powder as the literally finishing touch of your look. '

The store price is €45.

The third product is by Figs & Rouge the 'Night detox serum'.

' Figs & Rouge is back with a new product! The idea of "detoxing" may not sound sexy, but this product actually kind of is! This refreshingly lush, yet lightweight night serum helps your skin detox from visible effects that accumulate during the day. It detoxifies the skin, purifies, minimizes and unclogs pores. That sounds promising, doesn't it? The serum is formulated to offer a fast-absorbing elixir which aims to reduce the signs of fatigue, detoxify and oxygenate the skin overnight for a rested, replenishes ad recharged appearance and of course without clog pores. Apply to your cleansed skin in the evening to the T-zone and other congested areas until the serum is fully absorbed. This serum is suitable for all skin types and skin tones. '

The store price is €38.50.

The fourth product is the SBB Beauty 'Silicone beauty blender'.

' Forget the beauty blender. Meet the silicone beauty blender. It may looks like a tiny breast implant, but don't let this scare you. This silicone sponge is designed to blend your makeup seamlessly with zero product absorption into the sponge. Thanks to its non-porous surface, the tool doesn't waste precious foundation, meaning you can use way less. This Silicone beauty blender is ideal not just for its ability to apply product directly to the skin, but it's also easy to clean, you can stop buying disposable blenders, as even a makeup artist can clean it between clients. You can also use it for bronzer, concealer, blush, whatever needs buffing or blending. So to conclude: yes, silicone makeup sponges are worth the hype. It will need some practice but once you're used to it you're going to be hooked!'

The store price €8.95.

The fifth and last product is the Trifle cosmetics 'Liquid glow'.

'We would like to introduce to you a new brand: Trifle cosmetics. To start, the packaging looks really cute but of course as with everything it's more important what's on the inside. And that is an amazing liquid luminizer! Enhance natural radiance with the Trifle cosmetics liquid glow; a liquid highlighter that delivers a long-wearing, lit-from-within make-up look. Just a touch of this liquid luminizer is enough to give your complexion a boom of rosy brilliance. Infused with cocoa extract to soften and hydrate, the blendable formula can be applied to the cheekbones, brow bones and cupid's bow for a luminous, defined and expertly sculpted finish. Your complexion appears smooth and flawless with an ethereal glow. Use your ring finger and dot onto the preferred places. '

The store price is €23.95.

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