Monday, May 15, 2017

H&M haul

Hello Sweethearts,

the past month I have visited the H&M a few times and bought here and there some new clothing. I thought that it all together would make one interesting fashion haul. I couldn't find every piece back on the H&M website but this is the majority of what I bought.

The first item is a gorgeous hair decoration that I got for €9.99. The sad part is that when I wanted to put this decoration on it broke, I might fix it.

The second item is a cute top with lace yoke that I got for €9.99.

The third item is a Coachella dress with bodysuit for €14.99. I decided that I liked the lace dress by itself more than with bodysuit. So I cut the bodysuit out of the dress and paired it with my next item. Which is a long black dress that I got for €9.99.

The fourth item is a gorgeous ruffled crêpe dress that I got for €39.99. I wore this dress in one of my recent Instagram pictures.

The fifth item is a silver sweater with hoodie that I got for €19.99. Perfect for the warm summer nights.

I also got a swimsuit with long sleeves for €34.99. I literally fell in love with this swimsuit its so comfortable.

The items that I returned.

I also had to return some items because I never fit my clothing in the store. The first item is a basic white top, I want to return it because I thought it was loose but its actually tight fitted. The second item I returned is a haram pants in dark blue because it's too small, my but it way too big. I'm actually thinking of getting it a few sizes bigger though. And the last item is a bikini top, which is super cute but my breast are too big.

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