Tuesday, May 30, 2017

MAC haul

Dear readers,

I haven't done a MAC haul in a while, just kidding I did one a few weeks ago. I decided to buy one of the new lipglasses MAC released and two of their eyeshadows x 9 palettes.

The first eyeshadows x9 palette is in 'Semi-sweet times nine'.
These are matt but SUPER pigmented eyeshadows in natural colours. This palette kind of reminds me of my Kat von D palette, which I love. So I knew I'm going to love this one too.
The best part about de eyeshadows x9 palettes is that these colours are also individual available. Which means that if I love one shade more than the others and hit pan on it I can just rebuy a full sized shadow version of it.

In the swatch from left to right: 'Drawing a blanc', 'Bamboo', 'Outre', 'Pink sienna', 'Mocha minded', 'Everyone's darling', 'Persuade', 'Dance in the dark' & 'Carbon'.

I got this palette for €23.70 (with my MUA discount without discount it's €39.50).

The second eyeshadows x9 palette is in 'Solar glow times nine'.
When I saw the shadows and the name of this palette it felt like it was specially designed for me. So I couldn't leave the store without one.

The swatches from left to right: 'Moon rock', 'Copper aura', 'Blackberry', 'Sugared', 'Quarry', 'Metalmauve', 'Cosmic', 'Soot' & 'Lunar Cycle'.

I'm a bit surprised that I don't already own any of these shades before since these are the shades I'm most attracted to.

I got this palette for €23.70 (with my MUA discount without discount it's €39.50).

I also decided to buy the Lipglass in the colour 'New Galaxy' because it's so so so gorgeous!
I had actually waited over a month for this shade to become available in the MAC store near me. Ever since I saw it on the MAC Instagram feed I new I had to have it.

I got this glass for €8.70 (with my MUA discount without discount it's €14.50).

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