Monday, May 22, 2017

The Burgundy palette by Kylie Jenner

Dear readers,

today I want to introduce you to my first Kyshadow palette ever. I have heard so much about the makeup by Kylie Jenner that I couldn't resist buying one of her palettes. I decided to go for the Burgundy palette because it contains all the colour I love to wear the most.

This palette contains the colours; 'Naked', 'Beach', 'Penny', 'LA', 'Burgundy', 'Dubai', 'Brick', 'New york' & 'Almono'.

 From left to right: 'Naked', 'Beach', 'Penny', 'LA', 'Burgundy' & 'Dubai'.

From left to right: 'Brick', 'New york' & 'Almono'.

I can't wait to create new eye makeup looks with these gorgeous colours. If you want to know what I create with this palette than follow me on Instagram to be up to date.

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  1. It looks pretty! I recently fell in love with MAC Burgundy Times Nine palette. You can check out the review if you have a second
    Greetings :*