Monday, June 12, 2017

Nails: Color Club Holo Hues in 'Harp on it'

Dear readers,

It has been such a long time since I last uploaded a nail related article, I can't even remember the last time. I used to be obsessed with nail polish and nail art. I'm not sure if the obsession is back but my obsession for holographic nail polish has never vanished. So when I saw the Color club Holo Hues collection I knew I needed at least one of the nail polishes!

I decided to go for 'Harp on it' and I got it, just in time because these sell out so fast, from Amazon for £11.59. I can't even look at the seller on Amazon without wanting to order more of this gorgeous collection.

The colour is amazing, it's super holographic. This nail polish doesn't need a lot of layers, on my nails I only applied two layers of nail polish. It did take longer to dry than an average nail polish but it's so worth the end result.
For this article I wanted to test the wear of the nail polish without a base- or topcoat and I have to say I'm impressed! Once the nail polish is fully dried it doesn't chip at all. I'm on day 4/5 and not one chip so far.
Which is impressive since my normal nail polishes chips faster and most holographic nail polishes have a wear of less than a day. I will give this nail polish formula a 10 out of 10.

Also I can't stop staring at my nails, they're sooo gorgeous!

What colour should I get next from the Holo Hues collecton?

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