Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sweden & Denmark Makeup Haul

Dear readers,

Not last weekend but the weekend before I went to Sweden & Denmark for the first time to visit my sister. And as you might have read on Twitter I spend a lot of money on makeup. So here is the big makeup haul.

*The reason this haul took so long is because I was ill the week after my little vacation*

I first went to Sephora!

 I have been wanting the Kat von D Alchemist holographic palette for forever now. So when I saw it at Sephora with discount I couldn't resist. I also got a 10% tourist discount on top of it. I got this in Denmark but it was a small Sephora.

We later visited a big Sephora in Sweden where I bought more makeup.

I also got the Egg pore Nose pack package with are noise strips, which I have already used and I'm very satisfied. I might do a review on it in the near future.

I got, with 50% off, Invisi bobble in the colour 'You red my mind'. I absolutely love that it's a dark red but in some light looks like a dark brown.

Than I saw the Mr. Right brush from Too Faced and I couldn't resist buying this brush. I have been wanting this brush since it first released, which is a long time ago. Something about the concept and packaging is so genius. I'm not sure if I'm ever actually going to use the brush or keep it as a collectors item.

I got the Too faced and Kat von D collab palette, which is absolutely gorgeous. It also came with the Kat von D Tattoo liner & Better than sex mascara.

I actually got these palette on sale and because my sister has a Sephora card I ended up getting it 50% off. Which is such a nice deal!

I'm going to review the eyeliner somewhere this week.

The last thing I decided to get from Sephora is the NARS the multiple in 'Orgasm'. I actually wanted the limited edition lipstick in 'Orgasm' but that was sold out. My thought was the multiple is also a lipstick and it looks similar to the lipstick. So I decided to get it because the lipstick was sold out, very smart solution.

My sister and I also received a free makeup bag from Sephora with a lot of samples. But because I'm allergic to most products I gave all the samples to my sister.

We also went to MAC Pro store. I got the Pro longwear paint pot in 'Painterly' because I needed a new one.
I also got the Pro longwear lip pencil in 'Nothing sexier' because I felt like I needed a nude lip liner. 
And last I wanted glitter in '3D mint' but it was sold out so I got a sample. Which was super nice!

Lastly I decided to get two makeup items from two Swedish makeup brand, well I think they're Swedish because I haven't come across them yet.

The first is a eyeliner precision brush, which is brandless. The second item is an smokey eyeshadow palette by Viva la Diva. The packaging of this eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous, with lace and a bow. (I know Viva la Diva doesn't sound Swedish but I'm not sure where the brand is from but I wanted to try it)

And the last makeup item I got is from the Make Up Store and is a glitter in the colour 'Multi'.

So this is a the end of my big makeup haul. I might write about some of these products in the near future or feature them on my Instagram in makeup looks.

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