Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Unboxing: YumeTwins ~ Volume 13 June 2017

Dear Readers,

Today I'm going to unbox the YumeTwin subscription box volume 13. I couldn't resist to not order the Birthday issue. The box arrived this weekend and I wanted to take the time to unbox it.

The most obvious and first thing I saw in the box was the large plush. I'm actually holding on my lap while writing this article. I got the cute monkey from the new collection.

The Shinada baby nature large plush:
'We don't think you can ever have too many Shinada's plushies - They're all just so soft and super cute! The baby nature plushies in this month's boxes are no exception! If anything they might be the most cuddable yet wit their large roundish shape. This time we bring you a new selection of adorable baby animals never seen in past boxes! You'll find 1 of 14 different baby nature plushies in your box.'

The second item is the 'Kawaii character mini-bowl':
'Perfect as a rice bowl or a mini soup bowl, you'll want to use your kawaii bowl with all your meals. It's even the perfect size to keep your accessories in. Made with durable melamine material, these mini-bowls are practically break proof.'

They come in 8 cute designs and I got the 'I'm Doraemon' bowl. I was actually hoping to get one of the other with a full face but I think this one is cute too.

The third item is the 'Bananyan mini-mascot':
'Bananyan's back! We're in love with these half feline, half banana characters and we're always excited to introduce you to some of their products. This time we bring you these soft mini-mascots that you'll want to keep on your desk all times. The mini-mascots have weights in the so they always stand upright. They come in 5 adorable cats.'

The fourth item is the 'Sumikk Gurashi large rubber clip':
'1 of the 4 characters from the adorable Sumikko Gurashi family makes an appearance in your box this month in a form of a rubber clip. The popular characters from San-X are shy in nature and like to generally hide in corners but  not this time - the over-sized clip is sure to be an eye-catcher whether used as a bookmark, paper clip or as an accessory on your purse.'

 The fifth item is the 'Sumikko Gurashi deco latte sheets'. I happen to LOVE lattes!

'Latte art has never been so easy nor has it been so cute! These convenient and super cute Sumikko Gurashi deco latte sheets are made of edible soluble gelatin. Simple place a latte sheet on top of your hot drink and admire the cute design. Each set comes with 10 sheets that are all different.'

The sixth item are these Totoro chopsticks. I'm not sure if everyone received these because they're not on the June lineup list. Nor can I find any information on them in the little information book included with the box.
I'm happy with them though because you can never have enough chopsticks!

I think this is an amazing birthday box edition and I can't get over all the nice goodies I got!

What's your favourite item of this months box?

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