Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Makeup Revolution Halloween party 2017

Dear readers,

today it's 31st of October better known as Halloween and I felt that an article covering the Makeup Revolution Halloween party from last week would be an excellent way to celebrate this holiday.

Last week I flew to London to attend this event, which was on Thursday and I had a blast.

The theme for the party was 'frighteningly glamourous'. I went as a crystal queen/modern witch and I got a lot of compliments on my crown and makeup. To be honest I felt a little underdressed because so many people went all the way with their costumes and looked absolutely amazing. I decided to keep it simple because I had to bring my outfit on a plane and not a lot of people were in costume last year.

The location of the party was A-MA-ZING! It was this church-like building in the middle of London, it was at Marylebone one to be precise. The inside looked like a modern church and they dressed it up with lots of roses. The tables were coffins and the photo booth was a confession stand.  The bar was in the middle of all of this with one giant lipstick in the centre. Upstairs there was a haunted house kind of thing. It looked so good and the actors never went out of character. Sadly I don't have photos of the haunted house because I was either too scared or too busy with filming for my Instagram story. The drinks they served at the event were amazing as well because they actually served red cocktails with fake blood dripping from the glass.

The only thing I didn't like was the food they served. They didn't serve a wide range of different foods like they used to and most of it was with meat in it. They served things like hamburgers and fries and it didn't really fit in with the theme of the party. (I do have to mention that I ate a hamburger at a pub before I came to the party so I wanted something different to eat than my dinner from that night.)

 Another thing I love is that they display all the new makeup at the entrance. I love seeing the things they recently released. I'm not going to lie, I want them all!

Halfway through the night Makeup Revolution founder, Adam, held his speech. He always inspire me and I love to hear how the brand is growing. He also told us that this is the church in which he got married to his wife. I think it's special that he takes us to one of the most important places in his life to celebrate. I did have a moment to talk to Adam after his speech but I can't tell you about what until I know more. I know what a tease. 
After the speech a few dancers came on stage to start the party. To be honest I didn't know what was happening until later because it was too crowded to see them. 

At this point a lot of people left the party for some reason. Which totally changed the vibe of the party. The people left were either people who were dancing like there was not tomorrow and people who were on constantly on their phones. At the same time something strange was happening at the bar. It looked like they had run out of drinks but everyone wanted one at that moment so there was a huge queue. After half an hour this was fixed and they still had enough cocktails for the night so I don't know what went wrong but it certainly didn't help the party vibe.

After this I decided to go home as well. The people I met at the party were already gone and I felt really uncomfortable after a while. I wasn't in total dance or party mode and I didn't feel like staring at my phone all them. I also decided that I had a great night so far so it was time to go back to my hotel.

Above is the picture in the photo booth with Conor and Vanisha who I met at the party.

At the beginning of the party everyone got a ticket for a goodie box, not a goodie bag but a box. The whole box idea fitted perfectly with the whole theme of the night. Of course I was excited to see what was in the goodie box.

 They put a lot of nice products in the box. I got a pair of Superdrug false lashes. Two eyeshadows; one from Freedom in the shade 'Shimmer 10' & one from Makeup Obsession in 'Denim'. Three lipsticks from Makeup Revolution in 'Reckless', '100% vamp' & 'Life on the dance floor'. They also gave me one of their strobe highlighters in 'Flash'. A Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette in 'Redemption palette romantic smoked'. The famous liquid latex and fake blood from Freedom. And last but not least a Makeup Revolution Dual eyeliner felt & kohl. 

I'm really excited and looking forwards in creating looks with these gorgeous products!

Happy Halloween!

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