Monday, December 4, 2017

H&M black Friday and cyber Monday haul

Dear readers,

I have been a bit absent because of my crazy film schedule for university and some other projects. However I did find the time to shop online so I also felt that it was necessary to share my purchases. All of these items but one I bought either in a black Friday sale or a cyber Monday sale.

The blue lace dress I got with 10% discount and I decided to get it because it looks a lot like a dress I LOVE to wear but in a different colour with a different print. I got it for €22.50.

The faux fur vest I got for half prices off and it ended up being €11.99. I absolutely love the vest because it's so fancy yet comfortable.

I also got a pile top which I'm loving with this weather, it's soo soft and warm. I got it with a 50% discount and on top of this discount I got 10% off. So it ended up costing me €12.59.

Then I saw the loose fit pants with bow and I got soooo happy because I wanted this one soo bad but I didn't have the chance yet to buy it. Now I got it for half price with a 10% discount on top of it. I ended up getting it for €18.90.

The knitted cardigan I got with €5 discount for €13.99. In person it's a bit shorter than it looked on the website so I'm not sure when I'm going to wear this yet but I love the colour.

The knitted sweater looked more a like a regular top on the website and since I needed one of those and it was only €6.99 I decided to go for it.

And the last thing I got in this crazy sale is the jumper with lace detail. I had been looking at this jumper for weeks in the store but I found it full price to expensive. So when I saw it 50% off I immediately bought it. I ended up getting it for €14.99.

I also got another clothing item but it wasn't on sale. I still wanted to share it because a ton of people have given me compliments on it.

It's this gorgeous black jumpsuit with a bow on the front. It's absolutely gorgeous and makes my waist look so small. I got it for €39.99.

x Julia

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