Saturday, January 20, 2018

Highlights of 2017

Dear readers,

I have been absent from blogging for the past few months. I have really missed sitting down and taking pictures for my blog an writing stories. My absent was for a good reason, I have been really working on my resume in the audio-visual sector. Which might be something I want to start doing for a living.

thought it would be fun to make a comeback to blogging by sharing my highlights of 2017. At the end of the post you will read more about the stuff I have been working on in the past few months. 

I started 2017 off by dyeing my hair pink, blue and purple. I absolutely loved it! It made me feel like a unicorn. I thought it would be temporary but in the end the colours stuck a lot longer than I expected, which was fine! (Until I had to go to the hairdresser to get the green out, whoops)

I also went to three amazing fashion shows at Amsterdam Fashion Week. I enjoyed it soo much and I took so many gorgeous pictures.  I also posted an article filled with details, pictures and videos about the shows I saw, click here to go to that article.

In February I went a long weekend to Paris with my dad. I hadn't been in Paris for years and I really wanted to go back to enjoy the food and see the Louvre again. I ended up having a lovely time. We didn't eat as much as planned but we did see everything in the Louvre. We also went to some other museums and on a boat tour by night. I even filmed a lot of footage to make it into a video for YouTube but somehow I completely forgot to finish that project. So maybe in the near future I will still upload it.

I also visited Belgium, Brussel to be precise but I couldn't find any pictures from that trip. I went with a group of friends and we learned to make our own waffles and there was also a lot of beer. You get the picture.

I also visited London twice. The first time, in 2017, was in March to attend the Makeup Revolution birthday party. At which I had a lovely time with Florence and Bobbie. I turned the rest of my stay into a lovely trip and decided to see the Royal Botanic gardens. 
The second time, in 2017, was at the end of October to attend the Makeup Revolution Halloween Party. I also turned this into a lovely trip and ate a lot of food and went to see a lot of museums. 

In June I attend Queens werq the world Tour in the Netherlands. I have been to their shows before and they always blow my mind because the performance is so on point. This time was extra special because as a surprise Alyssa Edwards performance started in the middle of the audience and guess who was just centimetres apart from her? ME! I loved her in All Stars 2 soo much and I couldn't believe I was seeing her in real life and she was standing so close to me. It was amazing!

At the end of June another thing happened that was the biggest highlight of the year. I don't have any pictures of it because I don't know how to capture it in one photo. 
I managed to completely quit with my medication at the end of that month. I used to take a high dose of heavy antidepressants for my anxiety disorder (and depression) for four years. Both the mental illness as the medication were constantly controlling my life. I managed to quit it in two and half month and it wasn't easy but I did it. I have been feeling so much better mentally and physically after I quit. I also haven't had a single panic attack every since I stopped.
A few months after I quit an article come out in the newspaper saying that a lot of people, on the same medication, wanted to quit for years but it was too hard to do it. A friend sent me a link to this article saying: 'Woow I can't believe you did this!' It really marks the year.

Before the summer officially started I also went to visit my sister in Sweden. I got to see Copenhagen first, which was super excited because I have always wanted to visit the city. My favourite auteur, Hans Christian Anderson, comes for Copenhagen which was the main reason I wanted to visit it. The city was lovely and I had a great time. I also had a lovely time with my sister in Lund (Sweden). She took this picture of me with her Diana camera while we were having coffee. 

During the summer I went on a two week road trip with a bunch of friends. We went through Germany, Austria, Slovenia to Croatia. In Croatia we stayed in a villa and we had an amazing time. To sum up this vacation: food and sunshine. I had never been to Croatia or Slovenia but I absolutely loved it, especially the food.
I also took this picture of me in my bikini by the pool. The designer of the bikini top ended up sharing it on her social media. In November I got to meet the designer and she loved my picture so much that she gave me the bra version for free!

On our way back from Croatia we decided to visit Vienna for a few days. From the moment we arrived I knew that this was a place I wanted to revisit, not in the high touristy season though. We got a tour through the state Opera, walked through the city and we walked through the gardens of Schönbrunn. I definitely want to go back to see the palace. So visiting Vienna is one of my goals for 2018 or 2019.

In 2017 I learned to eat and appreciate oysters. I didn't really like them before until I had one that was very good (read: expensive) and from that moment on I absolutely loved them. I eat all kinds of oysters and I can't get enough of them. It's so weird how one moment you think something is gross and the other moment you think it's so delicious that you could eat them 24/7.

In October as part of a university project I and a few of my fellow students started working on a documentary for the city of Rotterdam. The documentary is about the taxi industry in Rotterdam. We had to film a lot and even at crazy hours (read: till six in the morning) on days like the evening before Christmas. Editing this project was a also a lot of work. On Monday, January 15, we had to handover the final product to the city of Rotterdam. They were so pleased with the end result that they're not only going to use it intern but also extern. Which means that somewhere in February it's going to be launched on social media. So the hard work wasn't for nothing and that makes me really happy, especially because my name is very big in the credits at the end of the documentary.
I couldn't share much of the behind the scene photo's or write about it on social media because a lot of the film work we did was under cover. Made I will share the end result on my blog.

Besides working on the documentary I also worked on three after movies. One for this party held in a very famous event location in The Hague called 'Het paard'. The other two were for a small festival and a gala. I also worked on one big after movie of three weeks of activities and that one will premiere in an actual theatre on Monday 22 of January.

2017 was the year in which I turned 25. (Which apparently doesn't mean I'm smart enough to know which way the 5 goes.) My dad told me: 'You're at 1/4 of your life'. I don't feel 25 yet but I love my birthday!

The last highlight of 2017 was that I discovered a delicious and fancy looking alcohol-free cocktail. I'm not allowed to drink alcohol because of a medical condition. It's pretty hard when a lot of people are enjoying their beers and wines around you and you have to sip cola. But thanks to this cocktail I got through the holidays! It's Ginger Ale with ice cubs, a slice of orange, cloves, a cinnamon stick & star anise. I highly recommend this cocktail!

I of course also celebrated Christmas and New years eve and like always it's was a lot of fun with a lot of delicious food.

What are your highlights from 2017?
x Julia

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