Sunday, February 11, 2018

Review: Lush Enchanted eye cream

Dear readers,

today I'm going to review a product that has become my go-to product in a very short time; the Enchanted eye cream!
I bought this eye cream two weeks ago at Lush because the winter months make the area around my eyes very dry and painful.

At first I didn't know Lush sold eye creams and since I'm practically allergic for everything I didn't feel the need to search elsewhere. Before I bought this eye cream I tried Vaseline, thick body cream, my face creams (The Vanishing cream and Celestial) but nothing worked and some creams even made it worse.

Lush about the Enchanted eye cream:
'A refreshing, gentle eye cream for the delicate eye area, perfect for day or night. There’s no sorcery involved with this wonder cream. We’ve simply used organic oils and lavender honey water to give the precious eye area a boost, keeping it firm and supple. Using your little finger, gently dab on the line of your cheek bone up towards the brow bone morning and night.  '

When I started using this eye cream I did use it every morning I woke up and every night before I went to sleep. I did this because the areas under my eyes was soo sore, dry and very painful, it even affected my eyesight. After a week it wasn't completely necessary to use it twice a day because most of the pain I felt during the day was gone. However I did decided, with the weather getting colder, to use it before leaving the house.
The fact that the pain was mostly gone after using it for such a short time was really a miracle to me.  The two months prior I used so many different creams and stuff to make the pain go away and I ended up getting more pain and using the creams more often (because it did ease the pain but it didn't make it disappear).
I also feel like my eye area looks so much better and my dark circles has become less.

The only thing I do dislike about this cream is the pump because it gives way too much product. You only need a little bit of this cream and it gives you a whole lot and I never know what to do with it. So I often just unscrew the lid and put a little bit on my finger so I don't have to much product.

I got the Enchanted eye cream for €18.95.

What's your go-to product in these cold months?
xx Julia

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