Friday, March 30, 2018

The Revolution Revealed - March 22 2018

Dear readers,

last week I went to London for a looooong weekend. It began with an awesome Revolution Makeup party to kick this amazing weekend off. I was really excited to go because they announced through social media that there would be a huge reveal. I couldn't wait to find out what!

I was also excited to see what they had done to the location the party was held since they always change locations and this time they didn't. The Halloween party was also held at this location and they did such an amazing job with it. So I was wondering how they would change it up. As soon as I entered the building I was impressed because they really stepped up their game.
Every party you think it can't get any better than this and than they surprise me again.

On one side they had a big wall split up into two corners. Each corner had the new product line on display, a big make up Revolution sign and a GIF booth (a photo booth but instead of photos it makes GIFs). One corner also had two chairs and two make up artist that could do your makeup with the Revolution Makeup line. I was already wearing a full face of makeup so I decided not to take this opportunity, which I somewhat regret.

They also had one wall filled with actual donuts. Next to it was a pile of individually packed donuts you could take for free. I took one and brought it back to the hotel for later but ended up forgetting it in the mini refrigerator in my hotel room. Whoops!

On the other side was a wall with a bar where they served food with cute pastel colours. I tried one even though I was full from the dinner I had before attending the party. It was good. There was also another bar in the middle of the room where they served different kind of drinks. I was sad that they didn't serve any cocktails this time but the drinks the did serve were very good.

Adam, Mister makeup the founder of the brand, gave one of his amazing speeches like he does every party. He really know how to give a good speech and make the crowd go wild. He than introduced us to his new brand Revolution PRO and he revealed the new name of the old brand formally known as Makeup Revolution. It's not called Revolution Makeup. They also changed the overall brand name from TAM beauty to Revolution Beauty. Which I think is a very smart move!

After the speech the party kicked off, the DJs started playing music and everyone started dancing.
I had an amazing night, I met a lot of new people and made some new friends. I also got to see some people I had met on previous parties. Overall I had an amazing night!

Before I went home I got a cute little goodie bag, with some really nice products in them!

The goodie bag itself is this really cute makeup bag with the brand logo on it. Inside I found the I Heart Revolution 24K gold palette, the Revolution PRO Supreme matte lip pigment in 'Illusion' & the Revolution Rose Gold ingot Highlighter. I'm super happy with these products and I can't wait to play with them.

Besides these Revolution goodies I also bought some products at Super drug. I always do this because not all the products from Revolution Beauty are available in my country.

I got their new Baking Oil and two Liquid Highlighter in the shades 'Liquid Luminous Luna' & 'Liquid Dragon's blood'. I can't wait to try these out especially the Liquid Highlighter because I was obsessed with the Unicorn Elixir shade of this collection.

x Julia

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