Monday, April 9, 2018

Review: MAC Cleanse off oil

Dear readers,
I have found a new holy grail when it comes to make-up. Well, actually when it comes to taking make-up off. I introduce to you the MAC Cleanse off oil.

If read my blog on a semi regular basis than you know that I use a lot of waterproof make-up, especially waterproof foundation. Which is hard to take off at the end of the day. I used to use make-up wipes but I had to really scrub hard to take off very little. My skin recently started to break out really bad so I thought to myself 'this scrubbing to get my make-up off can never be good for my skin'. So I went to my local MAC store and asked the lady who worked there about it. I also told her that my skin is very sensitive and most products make me break out. She recommended me the Cleanse off oil Tranquil.
I had heard some stuff way back in the day about this oil but never really thought about it. So I decided to give it a try.
When I came home I saw that this product is really expensive, I didn't notice it in the store because I also bought some make-up. Even with my 40% off MAC Pro discount it was still €18, for those who aren't good at math without the discount the bottle is €30. I thought to myself this product must be REALLY good.

It turned out this product is REALLY good. You only need a little and it instantly melts off your make-up. Even a heavy smoky eye is gone in seconds.

I decided to use photo's to explain how I use the product and show how good it works. I do have to apologise for the quality of the photo's. I normally don't take photo's with my phone and I normally don't use a lighting that's this crappy.

I first massage a little bit of oil on my face, yes also on the eyes. I then rinse it off when I take a shower. I do check the mirror if there is still some make-up left, sometimes there is and then I just apply more oil. After I come out of the shower all my make-up is gone and my face is soft and hydrated. I then follow up with my evening skin routine.

This is so much better than me scrubbing my face to get a little bit of foundation off with those wipes. It doesn't only clean but also nurtures the skin.

MAC about this product:
'An oil-based cleanser that removes all makeup, including long-wearing and waterproof products. Formulated with extracts of sea grass, peach leaf and grape seed oil, which are ingredients known to condition and moisturize. Emulsifies instantly upon contact with water and then rinses off without trace. Skin is left clear, soft and relaxed. Ultra-gentle, it works exceptionally well on dry, mature and stressed-out skin.'

Would I recommend this product? YES, I would definitely recommend this product if you wear a lot of make-up and have skin issues. To those who think it's too expensive, I get ya, but I believe in investing in your skin. A cheap bargain now may help you end with terrible skin in the future, when you're older.

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