Saturday, August 18, 2018

Fashion: Floral rain

Dear readers,

I decided to buy some new outfit for my visit to Edinburgh. While I was there I had planned some outfit shoots for my blog. Sadly it rained so so much that I didn't manage to make any outfit photos. Expect for one, accidental, good photo. I still want to share the outfit so I'm going to use this one good photo for my fashion article today haha.

At first I thought I had not one single photo that wasn't ruined by the rain but when I scrolled through them my eyes went straight to this photo. We didn't even realize we took it at the moment. I cropped it in a way you can't really see the whole outfit. So for this post I also made a bigger crop. The background is definitely less nice than the crop above but at least you can see the whole outfit.

All the items are from H&M but to make things easier I listed them down below:
I'm going to try to create some more fashion outfits for my blog. 
xXx Julia

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