About me

Hello Sweethearts is how I start all of my blog articles because it sounds so corny. I'm a woman who just escaped her teen years and is ready to start the journey to adulthood. I daily struggle with finding my way through this crazy world but I know that my blog is the one place I can call home.
My blog is called Julia's Fashion minute but it's more than just fashion. It's my outlet for everything, from my crazy shopping outburst to me loving a product to death.
Like I once said: "I see fashion as an important part of society that doesn't only moves and changes but also expresses the current whereabouts of the world. Fashion is a form of art with no boundaries even though most of it is done before but it can evolve into something else."
Some important woman once said: "If you don't succeed at once, apply more lipstick." And that's what I do every day.

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  1. Hey Julia , Ive been subscribed to your youtube channel since the summer and I actually love your style and everything . Im only in highschool and your already one of my favourite youtubers. I was actually also looking for someone to swap with and i know this is a long shot . but It would mean alot to me . you can message me on my youtube account . desireedudas15 . or mg me on my facebook account . Its my full name . Desiree Alexis Dudas. Im just a kid.. but it would mean alot . Thankyou . and I hope to hear from you soon ! (;